BRIGHTON JAPAN already offers a fantastic, international, national and local media opportunity. For 2013 we are looking to create strategic media partnerships as a main focus towards communication.


Our current user statistics are as follows:
109,462 Unique Users, 1.9m hits in the past 20 months, 27-35m audience with an attendance rate of approximately 25,000 per festival. We expect to achieve an additional 47% on these figures for 2013.


If you are a social media platform provider, community games platform provider, live stream radio, printed media, mobile network, social media networks, newspaper and magazine then we’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in tapping into our channels for free.


On the other hand if you’re a Blogger, Facebook or Twitter Junkie then let us know and we’ll re tweet, share, re-post and follow like it’s out of fashion.


With a prime, long term location and established worldwide and local interest, BRIGHTON JAPAN 2013 offers a free partner solution that is proven and affordable – and, let's face it, makes an awful lot of sense.


So if you're really pro-active and would like to partnership with us, then just fill in the form below (all * are required) to start the ball rolling.



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