The BRIGHTON FESTIVAL volunteers are the backbone of the Festival, and this year we need a lot more. So have a look at the vacancies that are currently available and send us a message telling us what you'd like to do. We welcome anyone to apply, however certain age restrictions may apply for various duties.
  Current Vacancies  
  General Festival Staff  
  Jump right into the middle of the action, we need about 30 volunteers to assist with loads of different things during the festival  


  We've got 4 days and 9 nights of the Festival to photograph, so if you're into photography and fancy a challenge, then let us know.  
  We need 6 dynamic people to keep up with the activities throughout the Festival areas.  
  Blogger's, Tweeters and Facebook Junkies  
  We'll take as many of you that would like to help, before and during the Festival  
  Anime,Cosplay, Manga and JMusic Groups  
  If you're into any of the above, then let us know if you want to help.  
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