BRIGHTON JAPAN 2013 will offer an excellent opportunity to attract an array of sponsors for this year's festival.

By relocating the Festival and staging it strategically at the end of the summer will ensure a higher footfall. Our Pre-festival media campaign will also create a vastly higher community, brand and event awareness than ever before.


For the past two years BRIGHTON JAPAN has attracted an estimated 50,000+ people during its two weekend performances.


This year's sponsorship programme will, for the first time, include the first ever BRIGHTON JAPAN AWARDS plus BRIGHTON JAPAN PM: up to ten nights of sell-out supper club events and performances. The sponsorship programme for the first time will be a multi tiered opportunity, ranging from a main headline sponsor to associated micro event sponsors.


The cohesion of corporate identities and Festival opportunities will also attract a wider, more versatile interest from the audience.


Please feel free to contact us directly via our contact page to discuss your requirements and goals. Or alternatively, download our sponsor pack with a detailed demographic forecast of past festivals, as well as our range of sponsorship packages.


Our Sponsors Programme


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